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BrewDog Born To Die 04.07.2015

BrewDog – Born To Die 04.07.2015

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BrewDog Born To Die 04.07.2015
BrewDog Born To Die 04.07.2015

Despite being a pretty big BrewDog fan (and AGM attending shareholder) I was a bit disappointed when I heard about their new beer Born To Die.

The uber hoppy double IPA is designed to be consumed super fresh and comes with an expiration date just 35 days after bottling.

I know what you’re thinking; ‘Don’t Stone already do that with their ‘Enjoy By’ range?’. Well yes they do. That was my problem. Not only is the concept the same but Stone’s is also a double IPA.

However, Born To Die apparently has the complete blessing of Stone, and founder Greg Koch certainly seemed good friends with James and Martin on a recent episode of Brew Dogs. So if they’re OK with it, I guess I shouldn’t have a problem.

Plus, we don’t get Stone – Enjoy By over here anywhere near as often as we should, so ultimately I’m all for it.

Even more so after actually tasting Born To Die!

The new imperial IPA comes in a 660ml bomber. It pours quite light while the aroma is full on fruit; pineapple, mango and grapefruit with a hint of pine.

BrewDog Born To Die 04.07.2015

Taste wise it’s far more delicate than I’d expected from a big IPA. An upfront bitterness is quickly replaced by masses of sweet fruit which then gives way to a bitter but not overwhelming finish.

It’s ABV is disguised masterfully, by far one of the more drinkable 8.5% IPAs I’ve ever come across.

Many will see ‘Born To Die’ as a gimmick but I disagree. It’s clear that this beer was ultimately fresh, I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the fresh hops will die fairly quickly and the result will be a totally different beer.

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